Welcome to the conference blog!

With just over a week and a bit to go until the 1:AM altmetrics conference in London, we figured it was about time we got on with launching the blog, which we and our guest bloggers will be using in the run up to and through the event to keep you posted on how you can get involved, and the opportunity to read write-ups of each conference session.

We’ve had an amazing response to the conference so far – tickets quickly went within the first few weeks and the waiting list grows longer by the day. We’re sorry we can’t squeeze you all in, but never fear, you’ll be able to tune in to each session via lots of different channels:

  • Our live stream (details to follow)
  • On Twitter via the @1amconf account – or using the #1amconf hashtag
  • On this blog, where we’ll have guest contributors giving their own take on each session during the event

Also to come next week are details of a hack day which we hope to run on the 24th at the Macmillan Campus in King’s Cross – don’t be put off if writing code isn’t your thing, interested people with ideas to help guide group work will be very welcome.

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