Ever been to a hack day?

If not, now is your chance!

On Wednesday, 24th September — the day before the first Altmetrics Conference: London kicks off — we’ll be running a hack day at the Macmillan Campus in King’s Cross – open to anyone who wants to get involved!

It will be an opportunity for anyone with an altmetrics-related idea that they’d like to see brought to life; even if you have no code writing experience you’re still welcome to come along to share your ideas and help guide group work.

Previous projects on similar days have included:

Please register here if you’ll be coming along to join in (either as a developer or someone with an idea with which to collaborate).

The science bit:
Following the excellent example of last year’s Hack4ac (http://hack4ac.com/), we also encourage people to start thinking about possible projects and organising teams via our wiki at https://github.com/amconference/amconference.github.io/wiki/Teams-%26-ideas

You’ll need a GitHub account to do so which you can sign up for at

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