Announcing the 2:AM Hackday

With the 2:AM conference only three weeks away and the schedule finalized, most of you have bought tickets and planned your trip. Some of you will also attend the altmetrics15 workshop on the Friday right after 2:AM. If three days of altmetrics discussions is not enough for you, or if you want to build something in addition to talking, please join us for the 2:AM hackday on October 6th, the day before 2:AM starts, taking place in the same venue.

In contrast to the 2:AM conference and altmetrics15 workshop, the 2:AM hackday will not have a fixed schedule, but rather will have an agenda determined in the morning, depending on the skills and interests of those attending. The idea is to work on a prototype or idea in a small group for the day, and collaboration and communication is more important than the end result.

Even though no programming skills are necessary to have fun in a hackday, the idea of building something in a single day might be scary for some of you. We are therefore also offering two hands-on workshops for those more interested in learning some basics. One workshop is organized by Stacy Konkiel from, and she will give an introduction into the tools and services that offers. The other workshop is led by Najko Jahn from Bielefeld University and me, and we will give an introduction to using the R statistical computing and graphics language to analyze bibliometrics data. There is still room for one or two more hands-on workshops if you are interested.

Registration for the hackday is free and more information and the registration link can be found here.

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